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Published on 27th September 2021

APMG Celebrates £500,000 Contract with New Jobs

By Louise Barnes

APMG Plastics has won a £500,000 contract to manufacture a technically advanced extract system for a top secret project. The company is working with the main contractor, Engenda Group, to deliver the complex engineering project. With this latest project added to the already strong order book, the busy Manchester-based company is advertising new jobs for plastic fabricators and site installation engineers.

Plastic Fabrication Expertise

APMG has specialised in the fabrication of thermoplastic systems for over 80 years. Its high-quality fans, ducting and fume scrubbing units can be found in universities, research labs and even nuclear facilities across the UK and beyond.

“Because certain plastics are more resistant to acid corrosion than metals, they are ideal for safety critical projects,” says Pete Royse, Manager of APMG’s Plastics Division. “Some of our products are used in other top secret applications we can’t talk about.

“We are manufacturing a system which ensures that toxic fumes are captured and neutralised, keeping our client’s employees and community safe from harmful emissions. On this project, the discharge stack alone will be 15 metres high.”

Discharge Stack & Process Scrubber

All design drawings and fabrication for these important pieces of equipment have been done in-house by APMG’s specialist teams. The sections of discharge stack and process scrubber pictured are up to 2.3 metres diameter, and the tallest is 3 metres high. They have been coated with a strengthening and protective layer of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). This strong, lightweight material creates a seamless, homogenous layer which is fully bonded to the underlying polypropylene substrate.

APMG’s team has pigmented the GRP to the client’s corporate colour. For a professional and long-lasting finish, the tower will be completed with a resin rich flood coat pigmented the same shade. There is an extensive range of colours available for clients to choose from. This popular service allows them to colour match their extract system to buildings or to their branding.

In-House One-Stop-Shop

In addition to its plastics fabrication expertise, APMG also boasts CNC plastic routering capability, a steel workshop and a powder coating department. Its design departments utilise an array of 2D and 3D softwares that integrate seamlessly with the many specialities involved in a construction project.

New Jobs at APMG

This multi-disciplinary capability gives it a competitive edge. The company’s order book is strong and it is looking for more plastics fabricators, an apprentice, and site installation teams. “With so many contracts in the pipeline, we’re looking for new people to join the team. We’ve welcomed another new colleague just this week,” continues Pete, “And we have more vacancies to fill. Bringing more jobs into Little Hulton is a great way to celebrate our latest big contract.”

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