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Published on 13th August 2019

APMG Plastics fume scrubber installed in Barbados

By Louise Barnes

News of APMG Plastics’ expertise in neutralising corrosive fumes, moist gases and dust laden air flows has spread far and wide. The latest client to choose our lab safety equipment is the Government Analytical Services (GAS) laboratory in Bridgetown, Barbados. An APMG Airform 1800 mm fume cupboard and its associated rear-mounted fume cupboard fume scrubber left our factory bound for sunnier climes.

GAS is a leading provider of analytical services in the areas of chemistry and microbiology in Barbados and the region and is no stranger to our products. The new system replaces the fume cupboard and rear-mounted water wash fume scrubber we delivered to them over 15 years ago. The lab was so happy with this system’s performance and longevity that they naturally chose yet another APMG Plastics product to replace it.

Two of our experienced installation engineers accompanied the units to Barbados – it wasn’t difficult to persuade them. They installed the full system including the fume cupboard and scrubber, the ductwork and the plastic extract fan.

With its own pump and an integrated water tank the new fume scrubber is capable of safely handling and neutralising corrosive fumes and strong chemicals such as perchloric acid. This capability will keep GAS employees safe and protected and ensure the laboratory is ready to deal with whatever analytical needs the future may bring.

Here at APMG Plastics, in addition to our standard quality processes, we undertook a full trial assembly and test of the bench-mounted fume cupboard and the fume scrubber prior to dispatch to Barbados. We’re looking forward to our next order in 15 years.

If you’re looking for a fume cupboard, fume scrubber or full extract system just contact our friendly team.