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Published on 29th May 2019

APMG Plastics’ polypropylene extract fans in new £31 million teaching facility

By Louise Barnes

The skilled team at APMG Plastics has fabricated five polypropylene Durafan industrial fans for the University of East Anglia’s new £31 million Building 60 teaching facility. The three large heavy-duty H-Series fans and two smaller general duty G-Series fans will perform an integral role in the building’s extract systems.

To encourage students to choose its degree courses the UoEA it has invested significantly in new teaching spaces across its Norwich campus. The impressive Building 60 will offer extra science teaching capacity. This new facility requires safe systems to remove and vent any harmful gases and fumes. The team at APMG Plastics, using its professional experience in the design, manufacture and installation of extract systems, recommended and manufactured the correct corrosion resistant industrial fans and supplied the inverters for the project.

‘Based on the volume and pressure of air to be moved we made our calculations and recommended fans for each application,’ says Peter Royse, Manager of APMG Plastics. ‘We also specified and supplied the corresponding inverters to give the operators of the system the flexibility to control the speed of the fans, allowing them to achieve the desired airflow.’

The Durafan H-Series H810 fans benefit from a deep vane forward curved design. Both these and the smaller, lighter duty G-Series G250 and G315 have a multitude of rotational discharge angles to accommodate intricate duct systems and offer improved system flow.

The fans have been manufactured, mechanically tested and balanced by time-served thermoplastics fabricators in APMG Plastics’ Manchester factory. For more information or to discuss a project with our expert engineers, contact us.