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Tough New Fan Gets Fume Scrubber Extract System Running Again

APMG Plastics has responded to a challenge from a world-class specialist manufacturer of high quality rack anodised aluminium components. When Integrated Aluminium Components (IAC) Ltd needed to replace a failed fan on a safety-critical wet scrubber, the APMG engineering team stepped up to the mark. They determined the appropriate fan for the process, fabricated it, and designed bespoke ductwork to fit it into existing ducting.

The Plastic Fan Specialists

IAC approached APMG Plastics’ experienced engineering team for a solution to their problem. They were aware of their proven track record of successful design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of plastic extract systems, including fans, ductwork, and fume scrubbers.

The Fan Application

IAC specialises in deep draw transfer/progression pressing and rack anodising. The process of anodising aluminium involves submerging the metal in an acid electrolyte bath and passing an electrical current through the solution, which creates an anodic coating on the surface of the part.  The existing, failed fan unit was not an APMG product. It drew the fumes from the anodising process into the fume scrubber to be scrubbed and neutralised.

This application demands a tough plastic fan with corrosion-resistant properties which will withstand acidic fumes, and APMG Plastic’s fans are fabricated to do just this.

The Professional Solution

To ensure the new polypropylene centrifugal fan was compatible with the system already in place, APMG Plastic’s design engineers sized a fan to handle the system’s design duty. They recommended a H-Series Heavy Duty Fan, which is suited to medium to heavy-duty applications due to its deep vane, and forward-curved design. The specific model selected was an AP630H4 directly driven centrifugal fan unit.

Bespoke Ductwork

With the existing inlet and outlet ductwork already in fixed positions, the next challenge was designing adjustments so the fan would sit perfectly within the existing ductwork.

Because APMG fabricates thermoplastics in-house, its time-served team were able to swiftly fabricate special PVC duct sections to allow the new unit to be seamlessly installed into the extract system. The fan pedestal was modified to ensure the fan inlet matched the existing duct position.

One-Stop-Shop Service

APMG Plastics’ experienced installation team attended site to fit the fan unit and ductwork components. This was followed by a visit from their commissioning engineer to calibrate and balance the unit and set up the fan’s inverter ready for operation. IAC Ltd was delighted with the service it received from the team.

Contact us

A sales engineer is always on hand to discuss your requirements and provide a full technical specification and quotation – just get in touch and tell us your application. We can advise and guide you to the correct system for your project.

The H-Series Heavy Duty Centrifugal Fan

The deep vane forward curve design of the H-Series Durafan range of centrifugal fans makes it ideal for medium to heavy duty applications. Manufactured from thermoplastic material, it is designed to extract and resist an extensive range of chemicals up to a maximum operating temperature of 40°C.

The H-series centrifugal fans are available as a compact direct drive arrangement, controlled via an inverter for energy saving, or the optional vee belt drive version. There is a choice of rotational discharge angles, and they work with a variety of ductwork configurations. For applications which require higher speeds and system pressures, added stiffening to the impellers and glass fibre reinforcement to the fan casing are available.

What our client has to say…

‘APMG were very helpful and knowledgeable when it came to replacing our fan housing. The works carried out were exactly what we required, and we look forward to any future projects we may have with them.’

Jennifer Smith, Manufacturing Engineer, IAC