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New and Improved PVC Extract System for Assay Laboratory

APMG Plastics has delivered a long-lasting PVC extract system solution for a global materials inspection and analysis company. Acidic process fumes were corroding their UK laboratory’s steel ductwork so they called in the plastics experts to suggest a solution. Our team replaced the existing metal ductwork and fan with a tough thermoplastic ductwork system designed to withstand corrosive fumes.

The new system was designed and fabricated in-house. All APMG’s pipework is manufactured to meet HVCA DW/154 Specification for Plastics Ductwork, the premier specification for PVC and PP-S ducting. If your system needs to be reviewed, contact us to discuss your application.

APMG Plastics’ PVC Extract System Solution

Our client carries out metal testing and analysis at its Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) laboratories in the UK. Its ICP analysis provides fast, accurate detection, identification and measurement of a wide range of metals in rock samples from around the world.

The company had found that, over time, the fumes the processes generate were corroding the original steel extract system.

They contacted the APMG Plastics team and we had the ideal replacement – long-lasting, corrosive-resistant plastic fans and ductwork. Our PVC extract system is designed to withstand acidic process fumes.

‘Thermoplastic is a great alternative to the failing steel option,’ explains Peter Royse, APMG Plastics Division Manager. ‘It easily withstands the corrosive acidic fumes produced by most industrial processes and provides protection for years.

‘When our client called us, we were delighted to be able to demonstrate the longevity and cost-benefits associated with plastic extraction systems.’

APMG Plastics Ductwork

The new system has approximately 30 metres of Ø250 and Ø160 size PVC ducting.

Bespoke duct sections were required to accommodate the specialist lab equipment. These were all fabricated by skilled craftsmen in APMG’s Manchester facility.

‘With 80 years of experience and a modern, well-equipped factory, we can design, manufacture and install full industrial extract systems,’ says Peter.

‘Because we make everything in-house, we’re in command of schedules and quality control. As a result, we successfully deliver high-quality projects on time, to budget.’

Our client wanted to the ability to reconfigure the lab and reposition machinery if required.

‘Generally we don’t recommend using flexible hose in fume extraction because it can add additional resistance to the system,’ adds Peter. ‘However, in this case the flow rates from each machine are very small. We were able to deliver to the client’s requirements without any detriment to the system’s efficiency.’

Tough Plastic Fans

APMG Plastics’ Fan Department designed and manufactured the plastic fans which provide the exhaust power for the system.

Our design engineers recommended the AP250 E-Series chemical resistant PVC centrifugal fan. It has a polypropylene impeller and operates via an inverter to provide flexibility with speed and performance.

It is also cleverly designed to simplify maintenance procedures and reduce downtime. The impeller and motor assembly can be easily removed without disconnection from the ductwork system.

Another Successful Project

‘We have had a successful working relationship with our client for several years,’ says Peter. ‘On this occasion, we’ve provided them with a robust, durable alternative to steel and they’re very pleased with the results.

‘Like us, they’re committed to excellent customer service and a fast turnaround for their clients, so we kept production disruption to a minimum. The internal works were undertaken at the weekend, with the external works finished by the Tuesday.

‘The new PVC extract system is operating effectively and without issues and we’re confident it will continue to do so for many years to come.’

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