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Smart storage solutions from APMG Plastics

No lab or classroom ever has enough storage. Unless, of course, you’ve spoken with APMG Plastics and asked us to design you some smart storage solutions to help you. Lab equipment can be expensive, but if you contact our design team they can create something clever and practical to meet your particular requirements. We can create a home for the most bulky, awkward, fragile or just plain plentiful items. And with our own in-house furniture manufacture and plastic fabrication divisions we can even combine our resources to make the perfect storage solution for you.

Smart Storage Solutions for Labs

Laboratories are just one area where we can deliver creative, ergonomic solutions to deal with everyday headaches. One client explained that they were losing many of their Florence flasks to chips and breakage as their storage wasn’t working for them. Flasks don’t come cheap and they asked us how we could help. We suggested neat plastic drawer inserts. With our fabrications expertise we can size them to accommodate virtually any shape and size of glass container, so for our client we graduated them to fit the different sizes of flask and beaker that they use regularly.

The inserts were an immediate success, almost eliminating costly breakages by keeping the glassware safe and out of harm’s way when not required. An added bonus was that the storage freed up workspace on the lab benching too.

To solve another client’s dilemma, we worked with our colleagues in the APMG furniture division. There were over 500 glass bottles to store and the bottles’ labels needed to be easily visible so the contents could be quickly identified. Expensive breakages were an issue once again.

Our designers enjoy the challenge of developing new laboratory storage for our skilled production team to bring to life. Using the combined furniture manufacture experience and the expertise of the in-house plastic fabrication department, our designers created an innovative, space-saving drawer system to house the bottles.

The drawers were manufactured at an angle and the stepped plastic inners slot neatly inside. This design keeps the bottles tidy and ensures every label is on display for at-a-glance location of the required item. Rails were inserted to keep the bottles upright and stop breakages. The drawer inners are precisely sized to safely store the bottles and the drawers are designed to withstand the weight load.

The result: another client delighted with an ergonomic, time-saving and cost-effective solution courtesy of our creative and efficient teams.

Going that extra mile and getting the small details right is something that sets an APMG Plastics project apart. Contact us and ask our design team to create an efficient smart storage system for your needs