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Published on 4th September 2020

12 Meter Counter Current Fume Scrubber for Refining Company

By Louise Barnes

The components for an impressive counter current packed bed fume scrubber have left the APMG factory bound for Derbyshire. This 12 meter tall fume scrubber has been designed and manufactured by APMG Plastics’ team of engineers specifically to meet the needs of an international refining company based in the UK.

Our client has a strong track record of investment in plant and controls to meet and exceed current and future planned environmental legislation. This advanced technology counter current fume scrubber will neutralise acid fumes from the metal recovery processes undertaken on its Buxton site.

The scrubber is manufactured from GRP coated polypropylene, which can provide long-lasting resistance to highly aggressive chemicals.

APMG Plastics’ heavy duty H-Series fan will supply the exhaust power and is also constructed from the same tough materials.

The fume scrubber will be assembled on site by APMG Plastics’ experienced installation team.

The work will commence on a Saturday to minimise the disruption and downtime to the plant, with commissioning scheduled to take place immediately install is complete.

APMG Plastics designs, manufactures, installs and commissions a wide range of fume scrubbers. You will find our units protecting people and the environment both in the UK and internationally. For more information contact our friendly team.