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Published on 4th March 2022

Duty Standby Motors for Safety-Critical Fan Applications

By Louise Barnes

These two AP400 G3 vee belt driven fans feature Duty Standby motors as per our client’s specification. They will be used to extract fumes from scrubber systems in Cambridge. These particular Durafan G-Series General Purpose fans are manufactured from polypropylene. They are designed to resist the widest range of corrosive chemical fumes at temperatures up to 40°C.

Quality Control

Of course, they have undergone a full mechanical test, conducted by one of our experienced fan engineers. Our customers can rest assured every unit which leaves our factory has been meticulously quality checked, including clearances and motor operation.

Duty Standby Motors

Fans with duty standby motors are ideal for safety-critical operations because any motor failure does not affect the safety and integrity of the system. If one motor fails, depending on the system specified, the other motor can either automatically take over or be manually switched over. This prevents system shut downs, simplifies maintenance and minimises downtime.

Durafan G-Series Fans

The G-Series fan is a forward curved multivane centrifugal fan with light duty performance. An alternative to our Durafan E-series fans, this range of fans can offer a multitude of rotational discharge angles to accommodate more intricate duct systems and allow improved system flow.

In addition, all APMG Plastics fans are supplied with anti-vibration mounts as standard to reduce noise and mitigate the amount of vibration that passes to a fan’s base. Talk to our friendly engineers about which APMG Durafan fan is suitable for your application.