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Is plastic ductwork pipe supplied male or female ended?

The pipe is supplied male ended, whereas all fittings, i.e. bends, etc are supplied as female ended.


What materials are vent tube and fittings available in?

Our APMG Plastics standard range of ductwork is uPVC, but we can also offer fire retardant polypropylene (PPs) as an option.


How do you join PVC?

PVC can be either solvent cemented or welded.


How do you join polypropylene?

Polypropylene can only be welded.


What sizes of ducting vent tube and fittings are available?

Standard sizes range from Ø75 up to Ø600 as extruded pipe and moulded fittings. Anything larger we fabricate to order from sheet material, all designed and manufactured to DW154 specification. All fabrication work is carried out in our factory in Manchester.


What are vent tube standard lengths?

From Ø75 to Ø400 in PVC is supplied in 6 metre lengths, Ø450 to Ø600 is supplied in 5 metre lengths. All polypropylene vent tube is supplied in 5 metre lengths. For diameters larger than Ø600, please consult our technical sales team for the options available.


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