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What is a fume scrubber?

A fume scrubber is a unit that deals with corrosive fumes and airborne pollutants. It uses a a scrubbing solution (liquor) to remove or neutralise harmful substances before they are evacuated to the atmosphere. See our Fume Scrubber Overview to find out more about the different types of fume scrubber available.

At APMG Plastics we can design, manufacture and install the right fume scrubber for your application – speak to our experts for more information.


What are the different types of wet fume scrubber?

There are five main types of wet fume scrubber. Each is suited to a different application. APMG Plastics can manufacture all styles of fume cupboard.

Rear-mounted fume cupboard fume scrubber: These units are packed bed wet scrubbers and sometimes feature both co-current and counter-current gas scrubbing technologies. While they are ideal for use with a fume cupboard, they can be used for a multitude of other applications.

Impingement Plate fume scrubber: Pressure drop is a prime factor in determining the choice of fume scrubber. Impingement Plate scrubbers are suited to applications where operating conditions feature varying flow rates.

Packed Bed fume scrubber: The facility for recovering valuable process chemicals makes the Packed Bed fume scrubber attractive for certain industries. However, although able to handle small quantities of dust within the stream, the possibility of  blockage is a disadvantage of this type of unit.

Horizontal Packed Bed fume scrubberSuited to multiple stage scrubbing applications, for example 2 stage control of odours from by-product or food processing. Its design can make it perfect for areas where headroom is limited.

Venturi fume scrubber: For use where very small (1-5 µ) or sub-micron (0.05-0.9 µ) particulates must be removed from the air stream.

Contact our friendly team to find out which fume scrubber is right for your application.


How do I choose the right fume scrubber for my application?

You’ll need to have some basic information available for the correct unit to be identified. At APMG we’ll ask you to provide a description of the application and the following details:-

  • Air volume
  • Inlet temperature
  • Chemicals within the airstream and their concentrations
  • Location of the project

With this information we’ll calculate the best unit for your project. We make and supply different types of fume scrubber so we can advise you on which will best suit your needs.


What is a fume scrubber chemical dosing system?

Chemical dosing systems for fume scrubbers deliver an acid or alkaline solution to control and neutralise the pH balance within the fume scrubber’s scrubbing liquor. This allows the liquor to be safely discharged to drain and ensures it’s compliant with local legislation and adheres to the client’s Consent to Discharge agreement.

At APMG Plastics we offer an automated system which includes pH meter, dosing pump, pH probe and a sample pipe line integrated within the scrubber’s re-circulation system. Just speak to our friendly team for more information.


What’s a Consent to Discharge agreement?

You may need an environmental permit if you discharge liquid effluent or waste water (which can include fume cupboard scrubbing liquor) into surface waters or onto or into the ground.

You’re breaking the law if you operate without a permit if you should have one. Check here for more information.


What features should an effective fume scrubber have?

There are many desirable features that make for an effective fume scrubber. Here we’ve listed some of them. All, of course, come as standard on an APMG Plastics unit.

A well-designed fume scrubber will have suitably sized access ports located at each stage of the scrubbing process. This allows simple visual and manual maintenance access and keeps downtime to a minimum.

APMG Plastics incorporates all connections within the fume scrubber tower. The connections range from recirculation pump, to drain and overflows, to chemical dosing where required. This gives flexibility of design, so each design matches the project’s specific requirements.

Please contact our friendly sales team, who will be able to advise you in more detail.


Why choose an APMG Plastics fume scrubber?

There are so many reasons, where do we start? Here are just a few…

  • APMG Plastics has eighty years of experience providing safe, effective extract systems. We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service.
  • We’re a one-stop shop. We design, manufacture, supply, install and commission fume scrubbing plants, custom-made to meet the needs of each project.
  • We’re committed to ensuring our customers’ systems continue to run effectively and efficiently. We will provide you with your own maintenance procedure tailored to your requirements. This can be followed by your in-house maintenance engineers or you can opt to let APMG’s expert engineers carry out the maintenance program for you.

Give us a call to find out more.


What is the largest diameter fume scrubber you can offer?

We have the capacity to construct fume scrubbers to a maximum diameter of Ø3500.


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