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Are Durafan fans suitable for external installations?

All our Durafan fans are suitable for external installation. They are fitted with a minimum motor terminal enclosure of IP55 as standard to protect against dust and projected water.


Are single phase motors suitable for plastic fan operation?

Single phase motors need to operate at 75% of the full load current to limit the excess power being dissipated as heat. This is one of the main causes of motor failure.

At APMG Plastics we supply the fan motor based on the specified duty supplied by the client. However, in reality design duty and the actual duty achieved following installation are seldom the same.

To mitigate any problems and prevent potential motor burn out we always recommend sizing the motor at the top end of its capability. This can also future-proof an installation as your requirements change. APMG Plastics does not recommend or warrant single phase motors.


What alternatives to single phase motors are available for plastic fans?

APMG Plastics recommends fitting a three-phase motor and installing a single-phase input to a three phase output speed controller.


How do I size a fan unit for an application?

You will need to know the air volume, system resistance and electrical supply. You will also need to provide a brief description of your application to ensure you receive precisely the correct fan for your project.

Let APMG Plastics support you with this task – we’re recommending fans for different projects on a daily basis. You can contact one of our experienced team members to discuss your application.


Can fan speed be increased for additional air volume?

Unfortunately, increasing fan speed does not necessarily equal additional air volume. This can result in exceeding the full load current of the motor and subsequent failure of the system.

APMG Plastics does NOT recommend increasing the speed of the fan. Consult our technical department and let us guide you to the correct solution.


Why do I need inlet and outlet flexible connections when installing a fan unit into a duct system?

Flexible connections accommodate any misalignment of ductwork and prevent external forces acting on the plastic fan case.

APMG Plastics always recommends fitting inlet and outlet flexibles to all our fans.


Are all fan units tested prior to delivery?

All APMG Plastics Durafan fans undergo a mechanical test conducted by an experienced fan engineer to check clearances and motor operation. When a unit is dispatched from our factory you can have confidence that it has been meticulously quality controlled.


Can you supply or fabricate plastic ductwork for fan units?

Yes, APMG Plastics supplies and manufactures an extensive range of PVC and polypropylene ductwork to suit our customers’ needs. We can manufacture both standard and bespoke ductwork to accommodate the most demanding of specifications, just contact our friendly sales engineers to discuss your requirements.


Are anti-vibration mounts standard on fan units?

Anti-vibration mounts are flexible supports that reduce the amount of noise and vibration that pass to a fan’s base.

Some manufacturers will charge extra for anti-vibration mounts. Because we recognise the protection they offer our units, APMG Plastics is happy to supply them as standard.


Do you manufacture other plastic products?

We’re glad you asked. Yes, we’re a one-stop thermo plastics fabrication specialist with skilled, time-served craftsmen operating in our UK facility. We provide plastic fabrication from a variety of materials including polypropylene, PVC, PVDF and ECTFE. We can guide you to the best materials and products for your application. We can even use our industry expertise to help you design your system – just give us a call.


What is the standard warranty term of APMG Plastics Durafan fans?

APMG Plastics provides a 12-month warranty on goods and services from the date of supply or installation. Please refer to our standard terms and conditions for further clarification.


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