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Published on 12th July 2022

Polypropylene Non-Return Dampers for Ductwork

By Louise Barnes

APMG Plastics, renowned for its expertise in thermoplastic fabrication, has recently completed a significant project by manufacturing a series of non-return dampers. These dampers, crafted from fire retardant polypropylene, are custom-designed to integrate seamlessly into our client’s extract system, showcasing APMG Plastics’s ability to tailor solutions to specific client needs.

Non-return dampers are a critical component in any extract system, playing a vital role in maintaining the system’s integrity and effectiveness. Their primary function is to prevent backdrafts within the ductwork. Backdrafts can pose significant risks, including the reverse flow of contaminated air, which can compromise the entire system’s efficiency and safety. APMG’s dampers are engineered to counteract this risk effectively.

How They Work

The operation of these dampers is elegantly simple yet highly effective. When the extract system is active, the airflow forces the damper blades to remain open, allowing unobstructed air passage. However, once the system is powered down, the inherent weight of the blades prompts them to close, creating a seal that prevents the backward flow of potentially contaminated air. This automated response ensures the system remains secure and contaminant-free without the need for manual intervention.

The choice of polypropylene for these dampers is strategic. Known for its excellent chemical resistance, polypropylene is an ideal material for environments where aggressive media are present. Its properties make it resistant to a wide range of chemical corrosives, extending the dampers’ life and reliability under harsh conditions.

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