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B-Series Plastic Fans

Bifurcated Fan

The hard-wearing APMG Plastics B-Series bifurcated fan with an axial flow unit. Designed for higher volumes of air against lower system resistances.

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Bifurcated Plastic Fan

Bifurcated fans, such as APMG Plastics’ B-Series, are ingeniously designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments. These fans are distinguished by a unique construction where the motor is entirely separated from the airflow path, a design inspired by the term ‘bifurcated’, which means divided into two branches or parts. This separation is a critical feature, as it allows these fans to move air or gases that may be hot, humid, or laden with corrosive fumes, dust, and other contaminants without exposing the motor to these harsh conditions.

As a result, bifurcated fans are the go-to choice for applications requiring high performance, reliability, and resilience under extreme conditions.

APMG’s B-Series takes the bifurcated design to the next level, offering features like precision-moulded aerofoil blades made from glass-reinforced polypropylene and a motor compartment strategically situated outside the airstream. With options for customisation, including a range of materials and motor specifications, these fans can be tailored to meet specific needs and operating conditions.
Whether installed in chemical processing plants, industrial ovens, or wastewater treatment facilities, APMG’s B-Series exemplifies the enduring and versatile capabilities that bifurcated fans bring to challenging air movement tasks in industrial settings.

Our Durafan B-Series bifurcated fan is designed with an in-line arrangement with flanges fitted to either end.

B-Series Plastic Fans

The impeller has precision moulded aerofoil blades manufactured from glass-reinforced polypropylene, and the motor compartment is situated outside the airstream to isolate the motor from any fumes.

Our bifurcated plastic fan is designed with an in-line arrangement with flanges fitted to either end. This time-saving feature allows it to be easily installed into any ducting system positioned at any angle.

These bifurcated fans can also be retrofitted into existing duct runs, reconfiguring the extract system to meet updated requirements.


8 standard sizes B250 through to B760, giving volumes from 0.1 m3/sec to 6 m3/sec at pressures up to 490 Pa.

The aerofoil section impeller blades with their non-overload characteristics are ideal where system resistance is unsure.

  • Inline Fume Extraction – these bifurcated fans are recommended for high volume, low resistance systems.
  • The fan can be installed at any angle in a duct line with its motor compartment isolated from fumes.
  • For horizontal or near horizontal positions a drain plug can be fitted at the lowest part of the casing.
  • Fan Casing – Fabricated from rigid PVC or polypropylene.
  • Impeller – Multi-Wing design, moulded polypropylene.
  • Motors – IEC standard motors to IP55 which can be upgraded to suit the specification.
  • General Specification – Mounting brackets, flexible connections, and anti-vibration mountings to suit each unit are available.
Bifurcated fans, such as APMG Plastics' B-Series Durafan, are ingeniously designed to meet the demanding needs of industrial environments.

Please see a selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding our range of bifurcated fans.


Please see a selection of the most commonly asked questions regarding our range of bifurcated fans.

Are single phase motors suitable for plastic fan operation?

We do not offer single-phase motors for our plastic fans. This is for the following reasons:

  • Single-phase motors must operate above 75% of full load current to limit the excess power dissipating as heat. This heat causes the motor to burn out.  
  • Because the design and actual duties achieved following installation are seldom the same, we use our experience in air movement to mitigate any potential problems by sizing fan motors at the top end of their capability. We base our calculations on the fan duty specified by the client.
  • Short intermittent use of a single-phase motor may be acceptable as the heat rise within the motor would be limited, and the unit would cool down between periods of use. However, we do not recommend or supply this type of motor for any fan applications.

Should a single-phase motor still be requested, we would require this to be free-issued for us to fit. We would be unable to provide a warranty on the fan unit due to the potential issues that may be experienced.

APMG will always recommend three-phase motors controlled using a single-phase input/three-phase output inverter.

What is a bifurcated fan?

A bifurcated fan, also known as a bifurcated axial fan, is a specialised type of fan designed for situations where it is necessary to move air or gas, especially in challenging or harsh environments. Here are the key features and functions that distinguish bifurcated fans;

Separated Motor and Airflow Path
The term ‘bifurcated’ means divided into two branches or parts. In a bifurcated fan, the motor is completely isolated from the airflow. This design is essentially a ‘split’ between the impeller (the part of the fan that moves the air) and the motor that drives it.

Application in Hostile Environments
Because the motor is isolated from the air stream, bifurcated fans are ideal for moving air that may be hot, humid, or laden with corrosive fumes, dust, or other contaminants. The design ensures that the motor is protected from these harsh conditions.

High-Temperature Tolerance
Bifurcated fans are often used when high-temperature air needs to be moved, such as in industrial ovens, kilns, or exhaust systems for engines or turbines. Because the motor is isolated, it stays cooler and is less likely to be damaged by the hot air stream.

Variable Installation Angles
Bifurcated fans are designed to be versatile and can often be installed at various angles. This is important for applications where space is limited or a specific airflow direction, is required.

Material Options for Corrosive Environments
The casings and impellers of bifurcated fans are often made from materials such as stainless steel, polypropylene, or other plastics that are resistant to corrosion. This makes them suitable for use in chemical plants or other environments with corrosive gases.

Efficient for High Volume, Low Resistance Systems
Bifurcated fans are typically axial fans, efficiently moving large volumes of air against low resistance. They are ideal for situations where much air needs to be moved, but the system doesn’t require high pressure.

Safety and Reliability
Since the motor is isolated from potentially hazardous fumes or high temperatures, bifurcated fans are very safe and reliable options for industrial ventilation and exhaust applications.

What are the ideal applications for APMG’s B-Series Durafan bifurcated fans?

Our B-Series bifurcated fans are ideal for demanding environments where air or gases may be hot, humid, corrosive, or dust and other contaminants. Common applications include chemical processing plants, industrial ovens and kilns, engine or turbine exhaust systems, laboratory fume hoods, and wastewater treatment facilities. The isolated motor design ensures long-lasting performance under extreme conditions.

Can the B-Series Durafan bifurcated fans be customised to suit specific requirements?

Yes. At APMG Plastics, we understand that every application is unique. We offer a range of customisable options, including various impeller materials, motor specifications, mounting brackets, flexible connections, and anti-vibration mountings. Our team is here to work with you to design and configure a bifurcated fan that meets your needs and operating conditions.

How do I determine the right size and specifications for my B-Series bifurcated fan?

Selecting the right fan size and specifications depends on various factors, including the air volume you need to move, the system resistance, the temperature and nature of the gases, and the available installation space. Our B-Series bifurcated fans are available in 8 standard sizes, from B250 through to B760, capable of handling volumes from 0.1 m³/sec to 6 m³/sec at pressures up to 490 Pa. Our expert team can assist you in making the right selection based on your specific application requirements. Contact us for a consultation, and we will guide you.

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