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E-Series Plastic Fan

Plastic Centrifugal Fans

This plastic, forward-curved multivane centrifugal fans are recommended for light-duty applications. It has been value-engineered to provide corrosion resistance and minimal downtime.

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Extravalue Plastic Fans

The APMG Plastics E-Series Extravalue fan from our plastic fan range is a competitively priced version of the proven G-series design. Designed for, but not limited to, the fume cupboard market, 95% of the steelwork has been mitigated to offer greater corrosion resistance. The fan casing is manufactured from uPVC, and clear ‘Integra-flex’ PVC inlet and outlet duct connections ensure ease of installation. This in turn offers a significant cost saving as additional ancillary items are not required.

The plastic centrifugal fans provide fume cupboards with an impressive corrosion resistant system.


Introducing the APMG E-series plastic centrifugal fan range, an innovative, competitively priced evolution of our trusted G-series design. Predominantly tailored for the demanding fume cupboard market, we’ve strategically reduced 95% of steel components, providing unparalleled corrosion resistance. Crafted with impeccable uPVC for the fan casing and supplemented with transparent ‘Integra-flex’ PVC for inlet and outlet duct connections, installation has never been smoother. This innovative design ensures a hassle-free installation process and brings forth substantial cost savings by eliminating the need for additional ancillary items.

E-Series Exclusive Design Features: The design of the backplate epitomises convenience. With it, technicians can effortlessly remove the impeller and motor assembly from the unit without disconnecting the fan from the integral ductwork system. This innovation eases the maintenance routine and drastically cuts down fan unit downtime.

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Notable Features of APMG Plastic Centrifugal Fans

The APMG centrifugal plastic fans come with a number of features including;

Model Specifications: Exclusively available in standard sizes (Ø160, Ø200, Ø250, Ø315), making it the perfect match for fume cupboard extract systems.

Fan Casing: Premium Grey PVC complemented with transparent “integra-flex” inlet and outlet connections for seamless integration.

Impeller Design: State-of-the-art forward-curved moulded polypropylene impeller ensuring optimum performance.

Motors: Standard IEC motors with an IP55 rating, customisable upgrades available upon request.

Maintenance Ease: The unique design allows the motor/impeller assembly to be detached without disconnecting the fan from the ductwork, ensuring faster and efficient maintenance routines.

Hardware: Premium stainless steel fixings for enhanced durability and longevity.

Additional Inclusions: Anti-vibration mountings come standard for a smooth operational experience.

Drive Arrangement: Exclusively direct drive, ensuring power efficiency.

Speed Regulation: Optional inverter drives available for precise speed control.

Discharge Options: Available in both L 90° & R 90° configurations for flexible installations.

Material Integrity: We handpick materials based on the application’s demands and their exceptional resistance to chemical attack. We’ll request comprehensive details during the tender phase to ensure the best fit.

The APMG centrifugal plastic fans come with a number of features.


Please see below the most common question regarding our plastic fans. Contact our friendly team if you can’t find the answer you need.

Are single phase motors suitable for plastic fan operation?

We do not offer single-phase motors for our plastic fans. This is for the following reasons:

  • Single-phase motors must operate above 75% of full load current to limit the excess power dissipating as heat. This heat causes the motor to burn out.  
  • Because the design and actual duties achieved following installation are seldom the same, we use our experience in air movement to mitigate any potential problems by sizing fan motors at the top end of their capability. We base our calculations on the fan duty specified by the client.
  • Short intermittent use of a single-phase motor may be acceptable as the heat rise within the motor would be limited, and the unit would cool down between periods of use. However, we do not recommend or supply this type of motor for any fan applications.

Should a single-phase motor still be requested, we would require this to be free-issued for us to fit. We would be unable to provide a warranty on the fan unit due to the potential issues that may be experienced.

APMG will always recommend three-phase motors controlled using a single-phase input/three-phase output inverter.

What are the main applications of the E-Series Plastic Centrifugal Fans?

The E-Series Plastic Centrifugal Fans by APMG Plastics is designed to serve a range of applications. 

  1. Fume Cupboards/Extract Systems: One of the primary uses of the centrifugal fans are in fume cupboards (also known as fume hoods). These are ventilated enclosures where hazardous materials, especially chemicals, can be handled safely. The fan ensures that toxic fumes, vapours, and dust are efficiently extracted and expelled, maintaining a safe user environment.
  2. General-Purpose Ventilation: The E-Series versatile designs make each option suitable for various general ventilation needs, ensuring optimal airflow and mitigating the build-up of harmful substances in various settings.
  3. Chemical Resistance Applications: Given the fan’s manufacturing from chemical-resistant thermoplastic materials and the mitigation of 95% of its steelwork, it is especially suited for environments exposed to corrosive chemicals. This makes the fan ideal for industries such as chemical processing, laboratories, and other areas with frequent chemical exposure.
  4. Indoor and Outdoor Locations: The E-Series fan’s ability to cater to both L90° and R90° discharges and its design makes it an ideal choice for internal and external settings. This includes places that require vertical discharge ducts.
  5. Temperature Control: In environments where maintaining a specific temperature is crucial, these fans can help circulate the air, especially since they have a recommended maximum operating temperature of 40°C.
  6. Specialised Applications: Given its customisable features, such as optional inverter drives, fabricated non-return dampers, and a range of PVC or polypropylene vent tubes and fittings, the E-Series can be tailored to fit specialised industrial applications as required by the user.

What materials are used in the construction of the E-Series fans?

The E-Series fans by APMG Plastics use materials designed for durability, efficiency, and chemical resistance.

  1. Thermoplastic Materials: The fan is manufactured from chemical-resistant thermoplastic materials, ensuring durability and resistance against various chemicals.
  2. uPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride): The fan casing is made from uPVC, known for its rigidity, strength, and resistance to chemicals and corrosion.
  3. Integra-flex PVC: The fan features clear ‘Integra-flex’ PVC inlet and outlet duct connections. This not only enhances its chemical resistance but also ensures ease of installation.
  4. Polypropylene: The forward curved multi-vane moulded fan impeller is manufactured from polypropylene, a durable plastic known for its chemical resistance, lightweight properties, and fatigue resistance.
  5. GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) Pultrusion: The fan’s mounting rails are made of GRP pultrusion, providing strength, durability, and resistance to various environmental conditions.
  6. Rubber: The fan includes four off-rubber anti-vibration mounts to reduce vibrations and ensure smooth operations.
  7. Steel: While 95% of the steelwork in the fan’s construction has been mitigated to offer greater chemical and corrosion resistance, some components may still incorporate steel. 
  8. Stainless Steel: The fixings used in the fan are made of stainless steel, which is renowned for its corrosion resistance, strength, and longevity.

What are the available sizes for the E-Series fans?

The available sizes for the E-Series fans are based on the fan’s diameter. The standard sizes available are:

  1. Ø160
  2. Ø200
  3. Ø250
  4. Ø315

These sizes are in millimetres (mm) and refer to the fan’s diameter. Depending on the specific requirements of an application, customers can choose from these sizes to get the best fit for their needs.

How does the E-Series fan simplify maintenance procedures?

The E-Series plastic centrifugal fans will simplify maintenance procedures in the following ways;

  1. Easy Access to Impeller and Motor Assembly: The backplate design allows the impeller and motor assembly to be removed from the unit without disconnecting the fan from the ductwork system. This means that maintenance personnel can access and service these critical components without dismantling the entire fan or disrupting the connected ducts.
  2. Reduced Downtime: Since the impeller and motor assembly can be removed without disconnection from the ductwork system, the downtime required for maintenance is minimised. This ensures that operations can resume quickly after maintenance, reducing interruptions and potential financial impacts.
  3. Integra-flex Inlet and Outlet Connections: The fan has clear ‘Integra-flex’ PVC and outlet duct connections. These connections simplify installation and maintenance procedures as they can be easily detached and reattached.
  4. Forward Curved Moulded Impeller: Using a moulded impeller made of polypropylene ensures durability and less wear and tear, reducing the frequency of maintenance required.
  5. Direct Drive Arrangement: Being a directly driven fan unit, the E-Series fan eliminates the need for belts typically found in belt-driven fans. This means fewer components to maintain and replace over time.

What motor options are available for the E-Series fans?

The following motor options are available for the E-series range;

Motor Efficiency:

    • Motors are IE1 or IE2 efficient as standard, depending on the speed rating.
    • IE3 efficient motors are available on request. This indicates that customers can choose motors based on their efficiency requirements, with IE3 being a higher efficiency standard than IE1 and IE2.

Motor Enclosure:

    • The standard motor has a minimum IP55 enclosure, protecting against dust and water. This makes it suitable for various environments where these factors might be a concern.
    • The enclosure can be tailored if a customer needs a higher protection level.

Motor Drive:

    • The fan features a directly driven unit, meaning the motor drives the fan directly without belts or other intermediary mechanisms. This can result in less maintenance and more efficient power transfer.

Motor Frame Size:

  • Different fan models within the E-Series have different motor frame sizes, as the datasheets show. For instance:             
      • AP160E has motor frame sizes 80, 90, and 100 mm
      • AP315E has motor frame sizes 80, 90, and 100 mm
      • AP250E has motor frame sizes 71, 80, 90, 100, and 112 mm
      • AP200E has motor frame sizes: 71, 80, 90 mm

Are there any optional extras available for the E-Series fans?

Yes, optional extras are available for the E-Series range. These include the following;

Inverter Control:

    • 1ph to 3ph: The inverter can convert single-phase power input to three-phase output. It can be helpful in settings where only single-phase power is available, but a three-phase motor is used.
    • 3ph to 3ph: This inverter takes in three-phase power and outputs it in a modified form, typically to control the speed and torque of the three-phase motors.

Fabricated Non-return Dampers: These devices only allow air to flow in one direction. They help maintain consistent airflow and pressure in ventilation or extraction systems by preventing backflow.

Vent Tube and Fittings:

    • A range of PVC or polypropylene vent tubes and fittings. These materials are known for their durability and resistance to chemical corrosion, making them suitable for various applications.

What is the recommended maximum operating temperature for the E-Series fans?

The recommended maximum operating temperature for the E-Series fan is 40°C. It’s essential to adhere to this recommended temperature to ensure the fan’s optimal performance and longevity. Operating beyond this temperature may lead to decreased efficiency, increased wear and tear, or potential damage to the fan components, especially given the plastic materials used in its construction.

What are the main differences between each of the E series Fans?

The main differences between the E-Series fans, such as the AP160E, AP315E, AP250E, and AP200E, lie in their dimensions and airflow capacities. While all these fans share similar features, such as chemical-resistant materials, ease of maintenance, and standard sizes, their specific dimensions and capacities vary to cater to different application requirements.

Find out more information on the E-series fans on the following datasheets;

E-Series AP160E DatasheetDownload

E-Series AP315E DatasheetDownload

E-Series AP250E DatasheetDownload

E-Series AP200E DatasheetDownload

Download Datasheets

Please see below the datasheets for our E-Series Plastic Fans.

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