Bifurcated B-Series

The hard-wearing APMG Plastics Durafan B-Series bifurcated fan with axial flow unit. Designed for higher volumes of air against lower system resistances.

Durafan B-Series Bifurcated Fan

This tough bifurcated fan is designed for higher volumes of air against lower system resistances. With its non-overload characteristics, it is also ideal where system resistances are unsure.

The impeller has precision moulded aerofoil blades manufactured from glass reinforced polypropylene, and the motor compartment is situated outside the airstream to isolate the motor from any fumes.

Our Durafan B-Series bifurcated fan is designed with an in-line arrangement with flanges fitted to either end. This time-saving feature allows it to be easily installed into any ducting system positioned horizontally or vertically.

A sales engineer is always on hand to discuss your requirements and provide a full technical specification and quotation – just get in touch and tell us your application. We can advise and ensure you have the correct system for your project.

Durafan B-Series Bifurcated Fan Features

8 standard sizes B250 through to B760, giving volumes from 0.1 m3/sec to 6 m3/sec at pressures up to 490 Pa.

The aerofoil section impeller blades with their non-overload characteristics are ideal where system resistance is unsure.

  • Inline Fume Extraction – these bifurcated fans are recommended for high volume, low resistance systems.
  • The fan can be installed at any angle in a duct line with its motor compartment isolated from fumes.
  • For horizontal or near horizontal positions a drain plug can be fitted at the lowest part of the casing.
  • Fan Casing – Fabricated from rigid PVC or polypropylene.
  • Impeller – Multi-Wing design, moulded polypropylene.
  • Motors – IEC standard motors to IP55 which can be upgraded to suit the specification.
  • General Specification – Mounting brackets, flexible connections and anti-vibration mountings to suit each unit are available if required.

We’ll ask you to provide full details of your application at tender stage. Contact us to discuss your project at any point.


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