Fume Scrubber Overview

What is a fume scrubber? A fume scrubber is a unit that deals with corrosive fumes and airborne pollutants, neutralising them before they are evacuated to the atmosphere. When storing or processing many chemicals a compatible fume scrubber that can neutralise fumes, gases and dust and address venting requirements is critical. There are many different systems, each designed to deal with different outputs in differing environments.

Fume scrubbers remove or neutralise the harmful substances emitted from chemicals by contacting the target compounds with a scrubbing solution.  The solution can be water or a reagent to address specific chemicals.

Contact APMG Plastics to discuss your application. We offer a complete service for the design, manufacture and installation of Impingement Plate, Packed Bed, Venturi and Fume Cupboard fume scrubbers to handle corrosive fumes, moist gases and dust laden air flows.

We have an experienced chemical engineer and a team of design engineers to advise on the most suitable equipment and specifications for your specific requirements. Our specialists in chemical and fan engineering technology have the expertise to design complex fume removal systems. Our quick and efficient teams of site installation engineers install and commission across the UK and overseas.

All plant is manufactured within the plastic fabrications department of our own Manchester factory where we produce fume scrubbers and ductwork systems up to 45 m3/s capacity. With a reputation for quality and precision, we also manufacture plastic parts for other leading fume scrubber suppliers.

Rear-mounted fume cupboard fume scrubber: Under independent testing APMG’s unit dealt effectively with contaminant gas concentrations exceeding those encountered in normal fume cupboards.

Impingement Plate fume scrubber: Dust cleaning and absorption efficiencies are minimally affected in operating conditions with varying flow rates.

Packed Bed fume scrubber: Particularly suited to the recovery of valuable process chemicals.

Horizontal Packed Bed fume scrubber: Suited to multiple stage scrubbing applications, for example 2 stage control of odours from by-product or food processing, and when headroom is limited.

Venturi fume scrubber: For use where very small (1-5 µ) or sub-micron (0.05-0.9 µ) particulates must be removed from the air stream.


APMG Plastics designs, manufactures and installs an extensive range of ductwork and vent fittings to complement our range of corrosion resistant Durafan extract fans, our fume cupboards and our fume scrubbers.

Fume cupboards

APMG manufactures a range of fume cupboards fully engineered for smooth airflow and efficient purging of fumes. All our fume cupboard ranges are type-tested to BS EN 14175.

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Bespoke S-Limits  fume scrubber for a chromic applicationPacked bed fume scrubber
Packed bed fume scrubber
Fume cupboard fume scrubber mounted externally
Venturi fume scrubber

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