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Packed Bed Wet Scrubbers

The APMG Plastics packed bed wet scrubber is designed to remove noxious gases and corrosive fumes from ventilation or process streams. We use our decades of experience to meticulously design the liquor distribution system, packing, gas velocities and liquor flow rates to achieve optimum performance for your application.

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Packed Tower Wet Scrubber

The facility for recovering valuable process chemicals makes the packed bed wet scrubber attractive for specific industries looking for a wet scrubber. However, although able to handle small quantities of dust within the stream, the possibility of blockage is a disadvantage of this type of unit. Under these conditions, we recommend the impingement plate scrubber. For professional advice on which fume scrubber is best suited to your application, please speak to our friendly team.

Operating Principles

Contaminated air or gas enters the scrubber inlet where it is contacted with scrubbing liquor draining from the packed bed. The flow of gas then rises counter-current to the flow of the scrubbing liquor, through the packed section where neutralisation or removal of the contaminants takes place.

In order to efficiently absorb contaminants such as HCL, SO2 and NH3, a large surface area of contact is required to achieve interaction between the liquid and gaseous phases. It is the nature of the contaminant, the concentration at the inlet and the desired efficiency which determine the type, size and quantity of packing.

We design the packing to promote mass transfer with its multiple gas/liquid contact points, providing a large surface area, active surface renewal of the liquid phase and turbulent air flow characteristics.

Before discharge to the atmosphere the treated air passes through a droplet eliminator section at the top of the column.

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